Issue: 19
System: Hordes of the Things
Publisher: Wargames Research Group

The Holy Grail
by Alan Millard

Inspired by the recent showing on BBC2 of The Holy Grail - may I present on behalf of Python the True and Accurate lists of King Arthur's army and his foes.

Arthur's Army

Castle of Camelot Stronghold
Arthur Hero General 1 @ 4 AP 4 AP
Tim Magician 1 @ 4 AP 4 AP
Lancelot and Galahad Knights 1 @ 2 AP 2 AP
Bedevere and Robin Knights 1 @ 2 AP 2 AP
Giant Wooden Rabbit Sneaker 1 @ 3 AP 3 AP
Knights of the Round Table Blades 3 @ 2 AP 6 AP
Ordinary Soldiers Horde 3 @ 1 AP 3 AP
Total 24 AP


All the knights should be on foot and each of the named knights should be escorted by a serf.

As an option the pairing of Lancelot and Galahad could be counted as Heroes. (Bedevere and Robin and definitely not Heroes).

The Giant Wooden Rabbit needs to be scratchbuild, but shouldn't be too difficult.

His Foes

Castle of Aaaargh Stronghold
Black Knight Hero General 1 @ 4 AP 4 AP
Three Headed Knight Behometh 1 @ 4 AP 4 AP
Animated Monster Behometh 1 @ 4 AP 4 AP
Knights of Nee Lurkers 2 @ 1 AP 2 AP
French Knight Blades 2 @ 2 AP 4 AP
Police Car Knight (Chariot) 1 @ 2 AP 2 AP
Killer Rabbit Beast 1 @ 2 AP 2 AP
Peasants Horde 2 @ 1 AP 2 AP
Total 24 AP


The Black Knight should have at least one arm missing and maybe both.

The three-headed knight is easiest if you remove the head from a 25mm figure and glue three 15mm heads in its place.

The animated monster I found as a greetings card in WHSmith ("I only have eyes for you") as it's animated a cut-out picture works well.


The rest of the lists are fairly self-explanatory, if you have any problems I suggest you watch the film - it's on video.

Ed Note: Hordes of the Things is a generic set of Fantasy wargames rules produced by the Wargames Research Group and was reviewed in Ragnarok 1. A second edition is now available and was reviewed in Ragnarok 43. HOTT has won the Best Fantasy Wargames Rules category in the SFSFW Awards five times out of seven! For further details regarding price and availability, send an SSAE to Wargames Research Group, The Keep, Le Marchant Barracks, London Road, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2ER.