Issue: 22

The Northern Border War (again)
by Colin Danks

Further to Philip Tidy's article I have some information from the new campaign guide "Arnor". This goes into greater detail for the Arthedain army composition.

Tirrim Aran: This elite guard company sworn to protect the royal family where-ever they go. These 65 troops can fight on foot or horse depending on the royal personage.

Feryth Aran: This organisation was the foundation of the Rangers of the north during the third age. These two hundred and eighty Rangers were used as scouts during the last years of the war.

Citadel Guard of Fornost: These six hundred and fifty troops form the military garrison of Fornost. They fight with broadswords/chain shirts.

Ethiron Aran: This militia force is composed of ten thousand levies from the royal provinces and fiefs. They are armed with short swords/spears and reinforced leather coats. One in five are armed with a composite bow.

Ethiron Aran na Fornost: These four thousand militia troops are formed from the population in and around the capital.

Other Militia and Levies: These numbered three thousand men and one thousand hobbits and had poor training and weapons.

Allied Forces: These were sizeable Elven and Dwarven forces who could have sent help if they thought it was in their best interest to do so. This could include three thousand Elves mostly from Lindon and six hundred Dwarves from the Blue Mountains.

This now gives you an idea why the Witch King took so long to overcome the forces of Arthedain. In TA1974 the Witch King destroyed the above forces and laid waste the country. It was only during the latter phase did a Gondorian/Elven army surprised the troops from Angmar at the battle of Evendim. This battle was a total victory and destroyed the north as an Evil stronghold. A sizeable portion of Arthedain did survive but due to the poison of the lands etc. most tied to Gondor after the war.

If you are interested in wargaming Middle Earth most information can be found inside ICE campaign modules. A master military table will give you the forces available to both sides in the conflict.

As far as I know there are no army lists made for Middle Earth (if I am wrong please let me know). Until then this is the only known source for army stats for me.

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