SFSFW Discounts

The following manufacturers and retailers offer discounts to SFSFW members. Remember to take you membership card along to shops and shows and to quote your membership number when placing orders.


Powercell Games (members will need to contact powercellgames(*)lycos.com directly since the web page won't calculate it automatically. But they can still pay through PayPal if they want.)


Gamer's Attic (discount code needed, see the mailing list archives)


A&A Game Engineering

Adler Miniatures (Dark Star)


Behind the Lines

Chimera Leisure (if claiming the discount on eBay is problematic contact Heather via e-mail - hevpal(*)msn.com)

Clifton Road Games

Denizen Miniatures

Goodwin's Painting Services

Gripping Beast

Guy Force Books & Games

Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Co.


Lancashire Games

Marbeth Designs

Olley's Armies (members wishing to avail themselves of the discount will need to e-mail sales(*)olleysarmies.co.uk and quote their membership number rather than using the on-line store; though you can still pay via PayPal.)

Pendraken (Offer applies to orders over 50.)

Peter Pig

S&S Models

Tabletop Games

Tabletop Miniatures

Wargames Emporium (all new products except for CCGs)

Wargames World (Online store won't calculate discounts, place your order then send an e-mail with your membership number)

Wessex Games


Brigade Models


Ground Zero Games

Irregular Miniatures

Scotia Models (Acropolis & Kryomek ranges only)

Snapdragon Studio

System Games

Task Force