Ragnarok Submission Guidelines

Ragnarok is the journal of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers. We welcome articles, reviews, news and letters about fantasy and science fiction wargaming matters. These guidelines are designed to make it easier for us to handle your submissions, and so easier for you to get into print.

The editor reserves the right to amend or otherwise edit any material submitted for publication. Being an amateur, non-profit-making group, the Society cannot pay for articles printed in Ragnarok, but we ask only for the rights to print them there, to reprint them in any compilations of Ragnarok material the Society might produce, and to post them to our web-site. All other rights remain with the author.


Articles may be about any subject related to fantasy and science fiction wargaming, including, but not limited to, scenarios, ideas for converting a favourite book or film background into a game, rules adaptations, and opinions. We do not publish short stories or poetry. Our emphasis is on wargaming using miniature gaming models, and we will normally only publish material about computer, board, or role-playing games if they have a miniatures element.

Articles may be of any length, but long pieces (of 4,000 words or more), may be split between different issues.

If possible, please send articles to me, Steve Flanagan, by e-mail at this address: ragnarok(*)sfsfw.org

Please include the word "Ragnarok" in the header. I can accept submissions in Word (DOC), Rich Text Format (RTF) or plain text (TXT). It is worth sending in your article in more than one format, to be on the safe side.

You can also send me your article as part of the text of an e-mail, but please only do this if you cannot use any of the other formats listed: e-mail programs usually mess up formatting, and often even punctuation and other characters.

If you are sending maps, drawings, photographs or other illustrations, please do NOT integrate them into the text, but send each as a separate file. I prefer JPEGs. Ragnarok is put together at 300 dots per inch (dpi). Most computer monitors use 72 or 100 dpi, so to appear at the same size on the page as it does on the screen, your file will have to be about 9 to 12 times larger in bytes.

If you do not have access to e-mail, but do have access to a computer, please send me the files on either CD-ROM or 3.5inch floppy disc, together with a hard copy.

If you do not have access to a computer, please send me your article as a double-spaced typescript. If you do not have access to typing facilities, please write or print neatly on lined paper, writing on alternate lines.

If you are sending them on paper, please put each illustration on a separate sheet.

Please send hard copy, CDs and discs to:
33 Percy Road
Whitley Bay
Tyne and Wear
NE26 2AX

Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want a reply or to have your materials returned.

Please do not telephone.

If I do not think that I can use your submission, I will let you know. Otherwise, please note that, because we only produce an issue of Ragnarok every two months, because space is limited, and because we try to strike a balance of different kinds of article in each issue, it may be a while before your piece appears.

Miniature Reviews

Reviews of miniature models should be sent to Roger Webb, the editor of our miniature review column The Melting Pot.

If possible, please send contributions to Roger by e-mail at this address melting.pot(*)sfsfw.org. Roger can accept contributions in Word, Notepad, Microsoft Work Wordprocessor or Word Perfect formats, or just pasted into an e-mail. Please leave text unformatted.

Roger prefers not to receive contributions by floppy disc or CD-ROM. If you do not have e-mail, please send him typed or hand-printed (that is, not in joined-up handwriting) contributions at this address:
The Melting Pot
12 Dearnford Avenue
CH62 6DY

Reviews should begin by giving the manufacturer's name. If you are reviewing a range of figures, it's often a good idea to start with a paragraph giving general comments, followed by individual pack or model reviews. For each product, please give the stock code (if known), the name of the product, and its price. If you know the manufacturer or distributor's address, telephone number and/or web address, please add those at the end.

The content of the review is up to you. Generally speaking, a paragraph or two is about right for a single blister pack of figures, or equivalent, but write more or less if it seems appropriate. Things it might be helpful to mention are size (please say what you are measuring, for example, 27mm floor-to-eye, or 39mm horn-to-tail), general appearance, quality of sculpting and casting, and alternative uses.

Rules and Game Reviews

We publish two sorts of reviews of rules and games: full reviews and capsule reviews.

Both should be sent to David F Ratcliffe, the editor of our games and rules review section, The Rules of War.

If possible, please send contributions to David by e-mail at this address: rules.war(*)sfsfw.org.

Please include "Rules of War" in the header. David can accept most standard word processing formats.

If you do not have e-mail, please send typed or neat manuscript contributions to:
Rules of War
4, Railway Bridge Cottages,
Long Itchington Road,
Nr Leamington Spa.
CV33 9AU
United Kingdom

Full reviews

Full reviews are typically 750 to 1,000 words long (though you should feel free to write longer or shorter reviews if the material demands it) and follow a set format.

  1. List title, author, publisher/manufacturer and price.
  2. An introductory sentence or two, setting out briefly what the product is. For example, "This is a boxed game of science fiction skirmishes between humans and aliens" or "Blood and Glory is a set of rules for massed fantasy battles."
  3. Background. Set out in more detail what the game covers, describe its setting and fluff. Say what you like and don't like about the background.
  4. Mechanisms. How does the game play? By "mechanisms", we mean things like the turn sequence, the system for calculating the results of shooting, the rules for hand-to-hand fighting and morale. Please describe them and say what you like or don't like about them. It's often worth thinking about whether they fit well with the background.
  5. Production. For a rulebook, this section would cover questions such as: Is it legible? Do the pages fall out? How is it illustrated? Is it full of typos? For a boxed game, please list the contents, and let us know what you think of them.
  6. Conclusion. Your overall opinion of the product.

Capsule reviews

Capsule reviews are shorter, typically about 200 to 250 words long. They are most useful for supplements, such as Games Workshop's or i-Kore's army books. After listing the title, author, publisher, and price, please explain why you think the product is worth seeking out or why it is worth avoiding. Please concentrate on explaining the game mechanisms, if writing about a game, rulebook or rules supplement.

Generally speaking, if we receive both, we will run a full review in preference to a capsule review, but we may publish both if they express significantly different opinions.

Industry News

Our industry news column, The Cauldron, is written by the editor, and attempts to cover as much news about new products and companies making fantasy and science fiction wargaming products as we can fit in.

If you want to pass on any information, please send it to me using the contact details given in the section on articles.

Society News

Our Society news column, The Society Pages, is written by John Wilson, and covers Society events, merchandise, other conventions, and miscellaneous items that may be of interest to Society members.

If you want to pass on any information, please send it to John by e-mail at this address: society.pages(*)sfsfw.org.

John can accept contributions in Word (DOC), Rich Text (RTF) and Plain Text (TXT) formats, or just pasted into an e-mail. He would be grateful if you could include any relevant URLs (web addresses) when writing.

If you do not have e-mail, please write to this address:
John Wilson
The Society Pages
15 Crowshaw Street
DE24 8DY


We publish a letter column, Crossfire, when we get enough letters about fantasy and science fiction wargaming matters, particularly comments on and responses to previous issues of Ragnarok.

Please send any letters to the editor, using the contact details given in the section on articles.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Flanagan
Ragnarok, The Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargaming